QRRA Clubhouse & Veterans Rehabilitation Project


Watch our progress...

The building will also be a base for the QRRA clubhouse and the QRRA will use it to run their very successful annual One Aim Rally - the Regiment's major fundraising effort, as well as other events and Regimental Reunions and functions.

If you would like to support us, please visit our Fund Raising Page:

With the assistance of our Sponsors who have kindly donated building materials, and other Charities who have provided funding, the QRRA have built a Veterans Rehabilitation Centre on eight acres of land with ancient protected woodland.

Sadly, the Regiment has seen an increase in the number of mental health cases...

To this end, we researched ways in which we could best support veterans, to focus the mind and help with mental wellbeing and mindfulness, and we believe that the use of horticulture tied into social and community activity provides this, and this is what the project will provide, together with support from various Veterans Agencies.

Our own qualified veterans (both Queensmen and PWRR volunteers) will provide classes such as, but not limited to:

  • • Art
  • • Sculpture
  • • Cooking
  • • First Aid Training
  • • Defibrillator Training
  • • Field Craft
  • • Woodland Management
  • • Wildlife Conservation
  • • Potting & Planting
  • • Growing Vegetables

We will be holding regular Breakfast Clubs where you can pull up a sandbag and talk, as well as assistance from professional bodies for military veterans.

Support for Homeless Veterans

As an interim measure between making first contact and obtaining assistance from professional bodies, such as Regimental Associations, SAAFA and the RBL, we will be providing hot meals, essential clothing and sheltered tenting, with access to toilets and showers.